Why establish a presence in Khabarovsk?

The capital city in the Russian Far East, geographically located in East Asia.

Local IT market

Allows the opportunity to work in the local market, whether you are located there or have a business.

Target audience

A virtual server in Khabarovsk is suitable for all users in Russia and East Asia such as China, Korea, and Japan.

Personal interest

Primorye region is an unique place. Take a piece of its history by running your application on a virtual server.

Starting a website?

You just need a server? We have this covered. Your platform is accessible anywhere in the world and be catered for any project.

Simple pricing

We provide a variety of plans suitable for different projects. Custom plans can also be requested.



The starter plan is suitable for VPN or a personal site.


Get started
  • Intel CPU - 1 core
  • RAM: 384MB
  • Storage: 10GB RAID 10
  • 300GB data transfer @ 100Mbps



This plan should be perfect for small business platforms.


Get started
  • Intel CPU - 2 cores
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 30GB RAID 10
  • 700GB data transfer @ 100Mbps



Do you demand more? We can meet your needs here.


Get started
  • Intel CPU - 2 cores
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 50GB RAID 10
  • 1.25TB data transfer @ 100Mbps

What we offer

Key features of our virtual platform

KVM Virtualisation

All server resources are dedicated and guaranteed to you. You can expect high performance, almost comparable to a dedicated server. This is all made possible through hardware virtualisation (QEMU KVM).


Our virtual machines come with SolusVM access - a control panel by OnApp. You can manage all power functions, custom configurations and remote rescue (VNC).

Quality support and Uptime

All virtual machines are semi-managed. We provide basic support for any issues you may have, including installation of any software. We also have a 99% uptime SLA.


The most important element of any service is to understand what you are paying for. We are here to provide you with a premium service, with all the functions you expect. We'll even go that extra step to ensure that you satisfied.

Network details


We place equipment in Vostoktelecom DC - a Rostelecom company in the Far East region. Rostelecom is the leading telecom in Russia. The data-centre is equipped with UPS, access/climate control, surveillance and fire suppression.

RAID 10 protection

Data on every server will be protected by H/W RAID 10. We use a minimum of 4 enterprise drives for optimal performance.

Premium Network

The data-centre is connected to both Rostelecom and Transtelecom. This ensures redundancy and shortest possible routes to any destination.

Security and hardware

Working with a national operator, expect compliance and protection from the laws of Russian Federation.


We cooperate and use services from leading organisations.

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